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Clinical Education is a ‘not for profit’ post graduate education company. The Clinical Education Forum was initially created to share the extensive knowledge of the Clinical Education founders Michael Ash and Antony Haynes and selected experts amongst their peers. This forum is and always will be, completely free. It is open only to Healthcare Professionals that have successfully completed the easy and fast registration process.

To sustain the extensive development of the detailed and specific responses in the forum, Clinical Education receives sponsorship grants from Nutri-Link and Allergy Research Group who are professional nutrition supplement companies. These sponsorship grants are used to employ the expert contributors who dedicate time and effort in helping you secure the best outcomes for the complex individual cases posted. It is our aim to assist you in using these research and experiential backed recommendations and strategies to help you to feel more confident in your professional care.

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Nutri-Link also offers a free one-to-one consultation with one of their technical team members to get to know about the products and services that they offer. You can also use this FREE session to talk about any specific patient or product protocols.

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