22 yo F with low energy levels, severe stomach pains, compromised immune system and inability to gain weight.

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Welcome! Forums 22 yo F with low energy levels, severe stomach pains, compromised immune system and inability to gain weight.

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      My client came to see me yesterday with a number of factors which I wish to ask you about and get another opinion. She has a compromised digestion with loose stools, bloating, undigested foods, nausea and rapid transit time. In the last year she has developed severe stomach pains on the lower right quadrant, leaving her doubled up in pain. She feels tender to touch in that area. She was diagnosed by her GP as having E-Coli poisoning? and received /Bx treatment for that. Her energy levels are at rock bottom 3-4 out of 10 most days and this is getting worse and was her main reason for seeing me. She wakes most nights at 3-4 am. She is very cold most of the time, even in the current weather she feels the need for another layer out of the sun. She has had flu 6 times since January this year. She suffers muscle crqamps, fatigue and aches. She feels tired all the time and her mood is changing to irritable a lot of the time. She feels dizzy when she stands up.
      She has identified that she has a dairy sensitivity and now avoids dairy ‘most of the time.’

      She complained of skin rashes that come and go and are very red with raised postules. She eats a clean, healthy diet and avoids toxins and refined foods.

      I am querying Lyme disease as a possible option with the possibility of co-infections and/or gluten sensitivity or even possible CD? Her health has been compromised like this for a few years and she really feels like there is something else going on for her to be feeling like this all the time.
      I would appreciate anyone elses thoughts on this client and as finance is an issue, which priority tests would you recommend. Thanks in advance.


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      Christine Bailey

      Dear Andrea,

      Many thanks for your question. In view of her gut issues I wonder whether she should also be referred to a gastroenterologist for further investigations. There is a possibility of another gut infection so I would be looking to undertake a stool test to determine this.

      If her bloating is shortly after eating then consider SIBO as well. Yes I would certainly rule out coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity through Cyrex Labs Array 3 but she will have to be eating gluten for an accurate result. Pain in the right quadrant could be linked to the appendix and / or gallbladder hence why I think a referral may be required. As she has such rapid bowel movements consider whether lactose or fructose may be playing a role too.

      As you may be aware, Lyme disease testing is fraught with difficulties and not 100% accurate. In order to comprehensively test you would need to look at 3-4 different tests which you can request from Regenerus labs who are the distributors for Infectolabs. Certainly it does appear that her immune system may need support and possibly liver as well especially in view of her past medication given for suspected E coli. In addition you may wish to consider looking for viral infections – this may be possible through the GP as you mention that money is an option. Alternatively the viral screens are available through Regenerus.

      To help with the bowel movements you may wish to add in Saccharomyces boulardii. Consider whether adrenal support may also be needed. Certainly the dizzy spells may indicate this is compromised and / or blood sugar imbalances. She may benefit from small and little meals through the day especially in view of her gut symptoms. You may also wish to rule out any thyroid imbalances through the GP.

      At this stage while you wait for further tests I would consider supporting her with a high strength multi vitamin formula such as NT Factor Advanced Physicians Formula (NT) and consider some detoxification support too. NutriClear (BRC) may be useful in this respect and /or ProGreens (ARG). If she is considering the Cyrex test then once completed I would switch her to a more Paleo style of eating cutting back on the grains and carbs, beans, pulses and dairy and encouraging her to eat more protein and starchy carbs like sweet potato, butternut squash etc. Initially in view of the bloating you may wish to adapt this to FODMAPs too and we do have a FODMAP cookery day coming up which you can book via Nutri Link. This may provide relief to her bloating.


      The following supplements are suggested for you to consider in light of your relevant expertise and intimate understanding of the needs of your client or patient. It is not intended for them all to be taken, but rather just those that you select. They may be used in isolation or as part of a multi supplement strategy, but at all times the consideration of their use should be tied into the specific needs of the individual you are responsible for.

      Please consider these suggestions in light of the other clinical information pertaining to this individual.  If you have any more information about the specific problems this individual is experiencing, further refinement of these suggestions may be considered.  I hope this information is helpful, and if you have any further questions or information specific to the problems this individual is experiencing, please do provide feedback.

      NutriClear (BRC) – take ½ scoop daily – http://tinyurl.com/46nkt95

      ProGreens (ARG) – take 1 scoop daily – http://tinyurl.com/27uruzy

      Ground Flaxseed (ARG) – take 1 tbsp daily

      NT Factor Advanced Physicians Formula (NT) – take 2 at breakfast and 2 at lunch – http://tinyurl.com/9cfhhfx

      Saccharomyces Boulardii (ARG) – take 1 three times daily – http://tinyurl.com/35392bw

      I hope this helps with your client


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