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      Client with secondary breast cancer – supplement advice please (Part 1)

      41 year old female client diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2013. All now clear but late last year diagnosed with secondary cancer – now in bone, liver and lungs. Currently on three week capicitebine chemo cycle combined with parciltaxol, eribuline and letrazole. She’s having 3 weeks of this treatment then one week of no treatment. She’s coping well – no horrible side effects save for bloating and digestive discomfort on days 1-3 of each treatment.

      Had gallbladder out in 2006 after they found one very large stone and prolapsed disc removed 2010. Family history of cancer – mum had bowel cancer and father’s mum, breast cancer.

      We are focusing on a low LG diet focusing on wholefoods, bringing in lots of antioxidants via veg-based smoothies and general veg with meals, oily fish (seems to digest well), sources of veg protein as she hasn’t eaten red meat for years. She’s already cut out gluten grains and has started cutting out sugar.

      I have asked her to re-ask her vit D checked by her GP (he initially said no). If not she is having a private blood spot test.

      She wants to lose some weight (current weight 15st 12. Height 5ft 6. BMI 35.9. Fat 46.8%) and to optimise her body to fight the cancer.

      I have read many posts relating to all kinds of cancer on the site and they have been very useful. I’d like to put together a really good supplement plan for this lady but, because of her relatively unusual cycle (not having more than a week without receiving treatment – and this will go on for the forseeable future), I am a little unsure where to go.

      I would have liked to have used Wholly Immune but I read Christine’s notes about consultants not liking their patients to take antioxidants during treatment . My current thinking is as follows but I would really welcome some thoughts: BRC Intenzyme Forte (1 w each meal); BRC Kapp Arrest (1-2 w each meal); Culturelle (ARG) 1 daily; BRC EFA-Sirt Supreme (2 with breakfast, 2 with dinner). Not sure on best multi formula..

      Many thanks for any help in advance

      Posted by Ailsa Hichens

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      Christine Bailey

      Dear Ailsa,

      Many thanks for your question about supplement support during cancer treatment. As we have mentioned in previous discussions it is important the client discusses any supplement use with her consultant. Many are very happy with clients taking supplements even during treatment but some are not and it is important to work closely with the consultants. This may be the main factor determining what the most suitable supplement programme.

      There are a number of side effects of the medication she is taking. Capecitabine can reduce the number of platelets in your blood. Platelets are cells that help the blood to clot. It can also reduce white blood cells which means this can increase the risk of general infection. As a result I would be careful with supplements in high doses that are also blood thinners such as fish oil and high doses of enzymes as this could aggravate symptoms. Having said that there is some evidence that taking fish oil alongside medication such as paclitaxel may increase its effectiveness. Nausea is also very common.

      Medication such as paclitaxel have similar side effects including loss of appetite, diarrhoea, joint pain and fatigue. There is also a risk of numbness or tingling in the fingers or toes. For this reason you may wish to focus on supplements to help alleviate symptoms – L glutamine may help to prevent nerve damage. Vitamin B6 may also help prevent nerve damage. GLA and fish oil may increase anticancer actions. Green tea may also increase anti-cancer actions and resveratrol decrease chemotherapy resistance.

      One very effective supplement that has been used during, before and after treatments is Propax Gold NT Factor. This contains vitamins, minerals, fish oil, probiotics and antioxidants such as green tea and resveratrol. Full details can be found here together with references of studies using the supplement http://tinyurl.com/7v9ktco.This is an excellent supplement to take. The client can stop 48 hours before treatment and then resume 1 day after treatment.

      In addition, you could consider ProBerryAmla (ARG) which contains probiotics as well as berry extracts – this is excellent added to smoothies or drinks or stirred into yogurt.
      Protein powders and L-glutamine could be considered to support muscle mass – this may also help her achieve a healthier body composition. There is no reason why L glutamine and collagen powder or protein powders cannot be taken throughout treatments.

      In addition, if the consultant is not agreeable with the PropaxGold being taken during treatment then it may be possible to include a B vitamin formula to protect against potential nerve damage and support energy. If she has digestive complaints taking papaya extract may be helpful. There is also no reason why she cannot take raw sauerkraut, kefir or yogurt daily either.


      The following supplements are suggested for you to consider in light of your relevant expertise and intimate understanding of the needs of your client or patient. They may be used in isolation or as part of a multi supplement strategy, but at all times the consideration of their use should be tied into the specific needs of the individual you are responsible for.

      Bio-3B-G (BRC): take 2 three times a day during treatment

      Caricol (Papaya extract) – take 1 sachet twice a day for digestive upsets -http://tinyurl.com/p5gjrkk

      Propax Gold NT Factor – 1 sachet daily – when not taking medications – http://tinyurl.com/7v9ktco

      L-Glutamine powder (BRC) – take 1 scoop twice daily – http://tinyurl.com/ol3afxb

      Pro Berry Amla (ARG) – 1 scoop daily -http://tinyurl.com/d2aqkcd

      Arthred collagen powder (ARG) – take 1 scoop three times daily -http://tinyurl.com/387gkzp

      I hope this answers your question

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