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      Ongoing case, not sure where to go next?

      Thank you for your help. In waiting for your response, I did a lot of thinking about this lady and I do feel that stress is a huge factor here or the main reason why despite lots of efforts she is not feeling better and declines back into old habits.

      I just wanted to also say that we did run the Genova test for allergies after the GI test and every single food came back clear. Nothing at all, not even low. I just don’t believe that this could be the case? I asked her if she had taken any anti-inflammatories but she said she hadn’t. So I will proceed with the advice of the elimination diet.

      Would you consider that all grains should be removed in the elimination phase for gut healing? Also I wonder if 4 weeks would be better for the elimination as I read somewhere that this is the time needed to heal the gut sufficiently?

      I also do wonder if she needs something directly for healing the stomach lining following the H Pylori such as mastic gum etc….or will the stewed apples help with this?
      Thanks again

      Nathalie Allan

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      I do have one more question – the use of probiotics for this lady. She says she has done extensive research and feels that the use of probiotics only adds more problems for SIBO. Is she refering to an overgrowth in L Acidophilus (which I have seen often with clients supplementing with one strain of probiotic) or is she perhaps confused with prebiotics? Also her organix report states potential to benefit from probiotics low? Why would that be the case do you think?

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      Hi, Nathalie. Thank you for your follow-up response.

      Like most testing, the IgG food panels are not 100% diagnostic, so it’s okay if nothing came up positive. There are no doubt other causes to her issues, for which you are doing well into looking into. Cases like this, psychosomatics plays a key role.

      Given the already restrictive nature of the allergy elimination diet, I don’t have them remove all grains, just those containing gluten.

      There is no perfect window for the duration of the elimination phase. I was taught in medical school that 3 weeks was quite adequate, but I found in clinical reality, most patients were not willing to do the entire 3 weeks. I also offer this, but most take the 2 week timeframe and then challenge the foods. I have seen plenty of results this way, so I am content with the 2 weeks. If your client is willing to go 4 weeks, all the better.

      In regards to your question about 4 weeks being sufficient to heal the gut, there are many factors involved. Intestinal cells regenerate every few days, but how long as the damage incurred, what type of damage, are there still “insults,” etc., will all influence regeneration.

      • Unknown. Tales from the crypt: Study on gut cell regeneration reconciles long-standing research controversy. Science Daily. 12 Nov 2011. (http://tinyurl.com/ndccho5).

      Mastic gum has been shown to be more helpful in eradication of H. pylori (in vitro) than actual healing. There are a number of nutrients that would assist in gut healing, but yes, definitely the castor oil packs and stewed apples will assist in this.

      If she is the type to react to every supplement, I would certainly consider using food, homeopathy, counseling, or possibly hypnotherapy as Suzi suggests as first line interventions.

      I addressed the probiotics and SIBO issue before, which I feel you will find interesting. You may find it via http://tinyurl.com/m9h23dw.

      The human gut contains on average: 40,000 bacterial species, 9 million unique bacterial genes and 100 trillion microbial cells (http://tinyurl.com/3mv6o9u). Given this information, I can’t possibly fathom how organic acid testing would be able to predict how an individual will respond to supplementing probiotics.

      I hope this helps.
      In health,

      Dr. Born

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