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      Female, aged 8, 1 month myalgia, sleep disturbance & fatiguability

      Hi, I’ve just started my own functional medicine practice but this is in relation to my own daughter who’s had the above symptoms including low mood for a month following a likely Nora virus with vomiting 3 weeks prior to onset & flu virus symptoms in the 1st few days of this condition. Usually extremely happy, sporty bright girl – started 3 days after returning from a ski holiday. Full range of standard NHS bloods done this past Friday to rule out anything life-threatening / leukaemia but thankfully all bloods completely normal just awaiting coeliac screen & viral studies.

      What duration would one start to consider this CFS/ME rather than post-viral myalgia which should resolve?

      Does anyone experience with dosaging all the mitochondrial support supplementation etc… for children (24 kg)?

      Does anyone have experience & advice regarding managing children with this condition?
      I would be most grateful for any advice & support.

      Thanks Anton Krige

      Posted By Anton Krige 19/3/2018



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      Christine Bailey

      Dear Anton,

      Many thanks for your question regarding your daughter. I work a lot with children so hopefully can help with your questions.  You mentioned that she contracted a Nora type virus and experienced 3 weeks vomiting and now post viral symptoms.

      Generalised myalgia is frequently considered to be flu like symptoms which per se is self limiting – often symptoms last 1-4 week.  In many cases there is a viral implication but this can be a number of viruses. In other cases, these symptoms are also associated with Lyme infections or streptococcci infections. In addition, parasites are frequently related to muscular symptoms. Chlamydia infections are also linked to similar symptoms. So, there may be other potential triggers you wish to consider.

      Bannister BA. Post-infectious disease syndrome. Postgrad Med J. 1988 Jul; 64(753): 559–567.

      Behan PO, Behan WM, Bell EJ. The postviral fatigue syndrome–an analysis of the findings in 50 cases. J Infect. 1985 May;10(3):211–222.

      Southern P, Oldstone MB. Medical consequences of persistent viral infection. N Engl J Med. 1986 Feb 6;314(6):359–367.


      While I appreciate you are waiting for a viral test it may not be comprehensive enough. I often use the Regenerus Advanced Viral Screen to look at cellular activity of viruses which is assessed via a method called Elispot or LTT (lymphocyte transformation test) and not just antibodies.

      Depending on her current symptoms do consider checking the gut as well – I would consider one that includes bacteria linked to autoimmune reactions such as GI Map Stool test by Invivo.

      In view of the fact that she was previously very healthy and she still has these symptoms one month later I do think it is time to investigate all potential implications – for example do you suspect this may have triggered the start of an autoimmune condition?  I would consider the Cyrex Array 5 to look at antibodies through the body. This may reveal key antibodies affecting certain parts of the body.

      If she is limited in her diet at present consider too a full vitamin and mineral screen (blood testing via Biolab) as this may also provide some additional areas to focus on.  This should include vitamin D testing as well.

      You asked specifically about mitochondrial support – yes this may help but really the trigger needs to be investigated first. If it is viral then supporting the innate immune system and adding in anti-viral supplements could be helpful. NT Factor Lipids would also be useful and can be given as a powder or a chewable tablet which in my experience children love.

      Overall immune support and anti-inflammatory support would be useful, and I would start with diet – so including fermented foods, turmeric and ginger, oily fish, berries, citrus and adding in liver for vitamin A and D. I would keep sugar content down but include slow releasing carbs through out the day to support energy and mood support. For sleep, I find a drink of cherry active with some protein as a snack 1 hour before bedtime can be helpful. carbohydrates in the evening such as potato, sweet potato, brown rice, bananas may be useful to calm down the body. Epsom salt bathing I find very useful for children in the evening.

      For overall immune health I like Bio-Immunozyme Forte which is a broad-spectrum product containing vitamins, minerals, enzymes, as well as neonatal bovine gland and organ components known to support immune function. In view of her weight I have provided suggested doses for her. I also find Dismuzyme Plus Granules helpful for suspected viral infections. CoQ10 is another useful option to consider. IAG which is Larch Arabinogalactan can be useful for optimizing immune function and for increasing natural killer

      cell levels. If she can tolerate colostrum (i.e. some people with a dairy sensitivity can react to the very small number of casein proteins within the product) then do consider this as well. I find this useful for overall immune support and tackling viral and bacterial infections. As this is available as a powder it is easy to tweak to dose.

      This is an interesting paper looking specifically at children:

      Parslow et al. Children’s experiences of chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME): a systematic review and meta-ethnography of qualitative studies Pediatrics BMJ volume 7 issue 1


      There is also evidence that the lightning process helps as well

      Hawkes Training for children with chronic fatigue works better than medical care alone, finds study. BMJ 2017; 358.



      The following supplements are suggested for you to consider in light of your relevant expertise and intimate understanding of the needs of your client or patient. They may be used in isolation or as part of a multi supplement strategy, but at all times the consideration of their use should be tied into the specific needs of the individual you are responsible for.


      Humic Acid (ARG) – take 1 daily –

      Dismuzyme Plus Granules (BRC) – take 1tsp daily – you can mix this into food or in a smoothie

      Immune support

      Bio-Immunozyme Forte (BRC) take 1 capsule in the morning – multi for immune health –

      Phospholipid Colostrum (ARG) – take 1tbsp twice daily –

      IAG (BRC) – take 1tsp daily – mix into yogurt, stewed fruit or add to a smoothie –

      Energy support

      NT Factor Chewables (ARG) – chew 1 daily –

      Coenzyme Q10 50mg (ARG) – take 1 daily

      Fish oil

      Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver oil liquid – take 1tsp daily

      I hope this helps with your daughter


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